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Kerm Kath Friend of Broadcasting Award

The Kerm Kath Friend of Broadcasting Award is named after WAB Hall of Fame broadcaster, Kerm Kath.  Kerm owned KGOS/KERM in Torrington, was active in the WAB, serving on the Board and as Chairman and dedicated his life to serving his community through his ownership of the stations.  The stations are now owned and operated by his son, Grant Kath. 

The Award is designed to recognize people that have been "friends of broadcasters" by supporting broadcast initiatives, developing future broadcasters, and are overall supporters of the broadcast community.

Past recipients include:

Ray Lansing - Former WAB President

Steve Broomell - Engineer

Representative Cynthia Lummis

Wyoming Army National Guard

Senator Mike Enzi

Senator John Barrasso

Jim Kearns, University of Wyoming

Ken Benner, ABIP Inspector (Cody 2022)

Laura Grott, President of WAB (Cheyenne 2023)

If you'd like to submit a name for consideration for this award, please contact:

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