Welcome to the website for the Wyoming Association of Broadcasters. We're glad you are here! Please use this site to gain valuable information on individual radio and television stations.

If you are looking for a job, or have a position open, please post that to our employment page! 



Our membership is made up of radio and television broadcasters throughout the state. We currently have approximately 95% of all stations participating in the association.



-National and State Lobbying efforts to protect the rights of broadcasters
-FREE Sales Seminars - Winter/Summer
-Alternate Inspection Programs - Offered every three years
-Annual Convention
-Awards Program - Get recognized for your great production, news, sports, etc. 

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The Wyoming Association of Broadcasters is pleased to provide all WAB members with a comprehensive on-line sales training and business development system delivered by www.LocalBroadcastSales.com. This 24/7 on-line training system is state of the art and is provided at no charge to WAB member stations. You can have a significant impact by supporting your new team with world-class effective training, practical sales ideas and sales marketing tools. Each of you team members would have their own private access to the LBS information 24/7 (how great is that, your sales team learning on their own and at their convenience!). Plus the training videos can be a valuable addition to your sales meetings. To sign up and get started today, emailericmoore@localbroadcastsales.com.


The Wyoming Association of Broadcasters Association also has an Associate Membership category. These individuals/companies are "not" commercial broadcasters, but are interested in talking to broadcasters or coming to the convention to visit with broadcasters. They may be suppliers of both equipment and services or public information officers of various organizations who want to be kept informed of broadcaster issues. 

Mostly, the WAB is about working together as a group to keep the broadcast industry strong and viable. It's also about friendship and knowing each other personally as well as professionally. One of the highlights of the year is for all broadcasters and their staffs to come together at the Annual Conference to renew old friendships and spend time talking about their livelihood.... the broadcast industry. 


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